New Researcher Orientation

Our Vision and Ten Year Deliverable

NASCENTS's Vision:
Create and validate a scalable and cost-effective nanomanufacturing infrastructure to enable future nanotech factories for deploying promising nanoscience concepts to address societal needs.

NASCENT's Ten Year Deliverable:
Create a nanodevice manufacturability Fab (nm-Fab) that is based on the two system-level deliverables of the NASCENT Center:
- Flex wafer scale nanomanufacturing systems/processes
- Roll-to-roll nanomanufacturing system/processes

Welcome to the NASCENT Center!

Our intention is to collect introductory information regarding the Center here so that it is easily accessible.

This information is aimed towards NASCENT faculty, staff, post graduate researchers, and graduate students continually working to further the Center’s vision and goals. NASCENT TV is where NASCENT Researcher and Guest Presenter materials are collected for distribution to all NASCENT Center members including Industrial Advisory Board members (member companies and their employees).

We wish to gather here the administrative information required for researchers to participate and interact with their peers, meet Center deadlines and goals, participate in educational outreach, and become informed regarding the resources available to you as a NASCENT collaborator.

Seasoned researchers and students within the Center, please let us know what information you would like to see collected here and what information would have been most useful to you early in your affiliation with NASCENT. For those newly joining NASCENT, we hope you find your experience here productive and rewarding.

New Student Orientation Video
(Fall 2016_10_28)

2016 New Student Orientation meeting
1) 00:00 Dr. Bonnecaze, NASCENT Co-Director: Overview of the Center
2) 24:45 Dr. Liechti: Educational Programs
3) 36:00 Risa Hartman, Pre-College Education Director: Outreach Opportunities
4) 48:45 Shruti Jain, SLC President: Student Leadership Council
5) 54:30 Larry Dunn, Industrial Liaison Officer: Upcoming Events – Perfect Pitch/Dec. IAB Meeting
– 1:06:30 Matt Weldon, Industrial Program Coordinator: NASCENT Website & Calendar

Presentations, Templates and Informational Links for NASCENT Researchers